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Data Recovery Do's and Don'ts

Please refrain from running any software utilities
Keep media power turned off
Please do not experiment with your media
Keep your computer updated from viruses
Routinely perform back-ups


    Do's and Don'ts Following a Hard Disk Drive Crash

In most data recovery cases, there is a high chance of recovery for all hard drive crashes immediately following the media failure. The main variable which brings recovery success rates down is human intervention. Home users as well as inexperienced IT professionals who attempt to experiment on the media unknowingly severly lessen the chance of recovery and in many occurances end up ruining the user’s chances of a successful recovery.

Here is a list to follow after any data loss occurance:
• Please refrain from running any software utilities such as Norton. These uitilities more often than not actually worsen your chance to recover your data.
• Keep the power turned off immediately following any signs of data loss, mechanical malfunction. By turning your machine on and off, you may actually be causing more damage to your hard disk/mechanical components.
• Please do not allow yourself or anyone else, IT professional included, from experimenting with your media.
• Do not attempt to power your computer on and off hoping your media will just work and turn back on. This may cause more irreversible damage to your media.
• Backup, backup and then backup again – This simple step can easily get you back up and running in no time. It is important to make continuous backups of all of your vital data, documents, and programs.
• Viruses – Keep your computer updated and protected from computer viruses. Keep a virus detection program on your computer and keep updating the virus information on a consistent and regular basis.
• Make sure your system has adequate RAM. This will prevent the system from accessing the hard disk as "cache." It is recommend that 128MBs of RAM be used for Windows 98 or earlier versions of Mac OS, and 256MB for Windows NT, 2000, Linux, Unix, and Mac OS 8.1 or greater.

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