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Did you know that there are over 80,000 computer viruses in existence today? These “viruses’ are manmade programs and codes which are created to cause unexpected and usually negative events within a computer. We can compare a “computer virus” to a common cold or flu to a human. As with humans, we do our very best with preventive measures to ward off germs, bacteria, and viruses but as with most cases, inevitably a virus will infect us some time or another. This is no different in the world of computers where users are now surfing and sharing daily in a vast information sharing community called the Internet.

Viruses originate from many common computer/internet pranksters, computer researchers and malicious 21st century vandals. What most viruses will do is to waste disk space and memory on your computer, delay processing time, and cause annoying system crashes. Some viruses will actually cause data loss such as slowly overwriting data within your hard disk or possibly slightly altering data.

Humans themselves are actually the most integral part in spreading computer viruses/worms. Carelessness in the part of humans are the main channel viruses are transmitted such as through our emails, downloads and networks.
To avoid losing data and for virus recovery, one must take the necessary precautions. The difficult characteristic of many viruses today are that they are not easily detectable. They are programmed in such a way so that they’re presence is un-noticed but will quietly cause havic within your computer.

If you have data you just can not afford to lose, remember to do three important things; backup, backup and then backup! Many people forget just how much vital data is stored within their computers such as accounting records, children photos, family records, and more. This data can be lost forever due to many causes such as virus attacks, hard disk failures, power surges or even trauma. The best protection against these dangers are to religiously backup your data on a daily basis.

Other precautions include utilizing anti-virus software. Anti-virus software can easily be installed within any personal computer. There are a number of companies out there that offer anti-virus software. Users should also remember to constantly update their software on a weekly basis since new viruses are constantly created.

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