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     Tape Electronic Data conversion and Discovery

IntelliRecovery is America’s leader in electronic data discovery, media conversion, duplication, data manipulation, transfer and recovery. For over 20 years we have successfully provided our services to law firms, corporations and governments.

Our dedication to service and excellence combined with our vast technical, engineering and consultative resources make us the most effective choice.

Litigation Discovery
IntelliRecovery provides access to data from the earliest word processors and computer systems to the latest and most sophisticated. We also take data from compatible or incompatible sources and convert it into any common or specific format, allowing easier and more consistent searchability and accessability.

We have 20 years of experience in data conversion and migration and have worked with thousands of law firms, corporations and government agencies on tens of thousands of projects.

Facilitation of Corporate Governance and Risk Mitigation
Many organizations are coming under increased scrutiny from state and federal regulatory agencies. IntelliRecovery has the technical resources and experience to help organizations more quickly, effectively and economically access data and information to proactively ensure compliance and satisfy regulatory demands.

Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity
IntelliRecovery plays a key role in Corporate Disaster Recovery Programs. We can quickly and effectively verify backup data integrity and recovery data from old media. We help organizations maintain Disaster Recovery Plan Effectiveness by transferring backup data from media stores that have outlived their shelf life to new media. IntelliRecovery Disaster Recovery Plan testing ensures your data can be recovered and used in the ordinary course of business.

Risk Management
IntelliRecovery can help organizations shore up the areas that create their greatest general liability exposure. IntelliRecovery services and technical abilities can help companies and their internal auditiors proactively identify data patterns that flag deliberate or inadvertent course of action which could result in harm to their organization.

Systems Migration
More then ever, today’s dynamic organizations are faced with the need to merge desparate data systems and data formats in order to facilitate a host of business objectives. Failure to successfully address the need to normalize disparate data platforms, given the direct business impact it can have on the bottom line, can make or break an organization. IntelliRecovery’s experience in facilitating the merging and integration of disparate business systems makes it one of the preeminent organizations and a natural choice.

Legacy Data Management
IntelliRecovery can refresh the physical and logical formats of legacy data and ensure data quality, longevity and accessibility.

One of the key challenges facing corporate America is to effectively manage legacy data throughout increasingly longer life cycles. National Data Conversion can ensure continued accessibility of your data. Additional benefits and cost savings can accrue through data consolidation and storage cost reductions.


Back File Conversions
For most organizations, legacy data, stored in a computer readable format represents a valuable asset, insurance against legal liability, and an operational challenge to administer properly. Computer tapes or cartridges become less reliable as they age. IntelliRecovery can assist any organization in managing their existing computer archives, by both refreshing the current media or migrating the information from the legacy media to more current formats. IntelliRecovery can also consolidate data for storage cost savings.

Litigation Support Services
Meeting the challenges of litigation can stress resources of the in-house IT staff. Civil and criminal litigations increasingly involves some form of Electronic Evidence Discovery of computerized data of one sort or another (Email conversions for metadata extraction, magnetic tape backup, restoration, document imaging or medical imaging, media duplication, voice mail and call logging system analysis). In many cases, data stored on various computer media and in various file format plays a pivotal role. Being able to effectively deal with this data, in the course of discovery, can be instrumental to success at trial or negotiation. IntelliRecovery has been helping companies in meeting these challenges by offering assistance with reading computer archives of all kinds and producing evidence. In addition, IntelliRecovery does forensic investigation work necessary to uncover corrupted or purposely destroyed computer based evidence.

Academic Research Support
In the world of academia, research often involves large amounts of data that needs to be accessed and analyzed. IntelliRecovery is the perfect research resource to draw upon when needed. We can handle a multitude of media and data formats and transforming them into more accessible information.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Merging the on-going operations of two separate business entities can be a daunting challenge. IntelliRecovery can support in-house staff by offering data migration and conversion services to companies of all sizes.

Optical Scanning
Keeping paper based files is an administrative chore that companies would rather avoid. Paper files are bulky, hard to search and costly to maintain. IntelliRecovery can convert paper based archives into a computer based archival system, by scanning the hard copy into images or computer text documents.

IntelliRecovery has performed over 30,000 successful conversions for corporations, law firms and government.

If you have any questions regarding these services, please call 888-995-DATA(3282)

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