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    Raid Array & Servers Data Recovery

Data is undoubtedly vital to both companies and individuals throughout the world. Technology, particularly RAID Data Recovery has grown in leaps and bounds throughout the years and storage media has grown with it. Most companies utilize backups and redundant storage technologies as their safety net to protect themselves and prevention from RAID Data Recovery. Backing up has always been and will continue to be a company’s best defense against data loss. Although this is the best option, backup technology and procedures are not always full proof. Failure may come when procedures are not implemented properly, system hardware may not function correctly, software may become corrupted, or tape/cartridge media may not be in working order. Backup systems rely on perfect harmony between humans, mechanical hardware, and software to work as intended. All too often, it is those crucial moments when data loss strikes, that backups find themselves useless and necessary for RAID Data Recovery.

With such a large amount of mission critical data stored within delicate mechanical storage systems, a company may not realize how huge of an impact a failed Raid server can make on their companies core functionalities. RAID Data Recovery loss for most companies are not a mere inconvenience, but instead a huge financial liability and risk.

Here at IntelliRecovery RAID Data Recovery, we fully understand the importance of your RAID data and just how vital it is to the success of your company. With this understanding in mind, we have structured our infrastructure to allow the absolute optimal facilities and tools to give your company the absolute best chance to recover from your Raid Server and RAID Data Recovery loss.

No matter what configuration your company may utilize be it a Raid array, SAN, NAS or any other disk server system, IntelliRecovery can recover it. IntelliRecovery engineers are armed with proprietary software and techniques to recover from all types of Enterprise storage systems for your RAID Data Recovery loss.

Windows NT / 2000/2003, Mac OSX Server, Unix, Novell, HPUX, SQL, Linux, BSD, Banyan Vines, Exchange, Sun Solaris, AIX and more…

Raid Server Data Recovery Process

To begin your Raid server data recovery process, please call our toll free number (888-995-DATA) to speak to a Raid data recovery representative. He/she will provide you with a price estimate per your system specifications as well as go through a full breakdown of our Raid recovery process. You will be guided through our preliminary assessment form so that our engineers have all the information they need to give you the best chance of recovery.

Once your media is received here at IntelliRecovery, it is immediately logged into our system. Customer communication is key in the Raid data recovery process. Once the customers’ media is received, an email and/or phone notification will be placed to confirm receipt.

Media will then go through an initial engineer diagnostic & evaluation to accurately determine specific media damage and/or logical issues. From this assessment, engineers will provide a proper course of action for Raid recovery. From these assessments, IntelliRecovery Raid Data Recovery may then provide customers with a firm and accurate price quotation. Once this report and price quotation is provided, customers will then be asked for their full authorization to allow our engineers to proceed with their data recovery job.

Once this quotation is approved, engineers will begin your full data recovery process and will contact you throughout this process as updates arise.

Once engineers have fully completed the data recovery process, customers will then have a choice of return media options for their recovered data. Common choices include, FTP transfer, CD-R, DVD-R and Target Hard Drive. Clients are also welcome to provide their own target hard drives for transfer.

If you would like more information or initiate a data recovery job, please call 888-995-DATA(3282) or go directly to our “Getting Started” Page.

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