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Hard Drive Data Recovery
Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Environmental Damage (Fire, Floods, Lighting, etc)
Reformatted Harddrive
Mechanical Failures
Accidental Files/Partition Deletion
Virus Attacks
Software Corruption


    Hard Drive Recovery

Today, with information and data so very vital in business and our daily lives, hard drive recovery loss has probably touched us all at some point or another be it from a lost email, a lost Powerpoint presentation or lost family photos. IntelliRecovery’s core business focus is on hard drive data recovery as it is one of the most widely used storage media devices for personal computers. Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of choices for your data storage needs. To data recovery engineers however, this simply means more types of hard drive failures to research and develop. Constant R&D is required to keep IntelliRecovery at the forefront of the hard drive data recovery industry.

Hard drives today come in many different shapes, sizes and speeds. We have our Standard IDE 7,200 RPM Desktop hard drives powering most home systems today to the efficient SCSI hard disk drives within many servers offering faster speeds for performance. Micro-drives are now the latest hard drives to hit the market allowing for the emergence of an entirely new industry - the mobile media era. Mobile media now allows for users to be “connected” practically anywhere they go. Allowing for storage and speed be it within a cellular phone such as the new IPHONE , IPOD, PDA, laptop, and more. This continued advance in hard drive technology has introduced a whole new industry of mobile power. As with anything however, this has also produced more opportunities for hard drive failure and data loss.

IntelliRecovery hard drive data recovery engineers have been doing hard drive recovery for well over a decade. Throughout the company’s existence, hard drive failure has been the company’s main focus. Hard drive recovery R&D, technology and research is and will continue to be our main focus and expenditure. Our “No Data, No Charge” policy requires that we have the absolute best success rate in the industry. With such an aggressive policy in place, we place the company’s success truly in the hands of our engineers to perform. This internal system bodes well for our clients and gives them a data recovery success rate they can be confident in.

Whether you need a hard data drive recovery on SCSI, IDE, ATA, SATA, Firewire or USB hard drive, IntelliRecovery has the expertise and experience to recover the data. IntelliRecovery prides itself with exceptional recovery success rates and can perform recoveries from all manufacturers of hard disk drives including Hitachi®, Toshiba®, Seagate®, Fujitsu®, IBM® and others.

Well known hard drive data recovery situations:
  • Mechanical component failure (read/write heads, head assembly, i.e. Clicking…)
  • Human Error such as accidentally reformatting
  • Hard Drive Trauma – physically dropping computer/desktop
  • Data corruption/Corrupt Partitions
  • Fire, Water Damage or heat damage
  • Electrical damage from power surge/failure
  • Virus Attacks and Corruption
  • Software Corruption and Failure
  • Surface/Media damage on hard disk
  • Blue Screen Of Death
  • Hard Drive Failure
  • Hard Drive Crash

Authorized by most hard drive manufacturers

IntelliRecovery’s track record speaks for itself. We are fully authorized by all leading manufacturers to open sealed hard drives without voiding the original warranty. Customers can rest assured that they may utilize our services and still receive an in-warranty drive replacement from their drive manufacturer.

Hard Drive Recovery Process

To begin your hard drive recovery process, please call our toll free number (888-995-DATA) to speak to a data recovery representative. He/she will provide you with a price range estimate per your system specifications and turnaround time requirement (Critical, 1-2 day Priority, 5-7 day Standard) as well as go through a full breakdown of our recovery process. You will be guided through our Data Recovery Form so that our engineers have all the information they need so to give you the best chance of recovery.

Once your hard drive is received here at IntelliRecovery, it is immediately logged into our system. Customer communication is key in the data recovery process. Once the customers’ media is received, an email and/or phone notification will be placed to confirm receipt.

For all Standard recoveries, your hard disk will go through an initial engineer diagnostic & evaluation to accurately determine specific media damage and/or logical issues. From this assessment, engineers will provide a proper course of action for hard drive recovery. IntelliRecovery hard drive data recovery may then provide customers with a firm and accurate price quotation. Once this report and price quotation is provided, customers will then be asked for their full authorization to allow our engineers to proceed with their data recovery job.

Once this quotation is approved, engineers will begin your full data recovery process and will contact you throughout this process as updates arise.

Once engineers have fully completed the data recovery process, customers will then have a choice of return media options for their recovered data. Common choices include, FTP transfer, CD-R, DVD-R and Target Hard Drive. Clients are also welcome to provide their own target hard drives for transfer.

If you would like more information or initiate a data recovery service job, please call 888-995-DATA(3282) or go directly to our “Getting Started” Page.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services - Intellirecovery

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