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It has been projected that by 2004, there will be over 315 million computers that will become obsolete. Companies and home users around the world are upgrading at an alarming rate to keep up with the trends as technology strides forward. This fast-paced IT savvy industry is now leaving a huge trail of computer equipment in its wake, items which are far from being environmentally friendly. Putting aside all the obvious reasons for companies and individuals to find reasonable means to dispose of their outdated computer goods, do most people ever really think about what happens to their old data???

To most end users, once they “delete” a file or folder or empty their “Recycle Bin”, their data is thought to be gone forever. This however is very far from the truth. Some others also think that by reformatting a disk drive, the data is then erased forever. Again, this notion is false. The fact is, all you are really doing is erasing the address to a file, erasing the table of contents to a book, taking a label off of a folder. The data actually still resides within the hard disk and is just in queue to be overwritten when the time comes.

And so, important data including email history, address books, personal accounting information, personal records, family records and more are usually still accessible within a hard disk even when most people think it’s been deleted. This leaves many individuals and companies susceptible to a number of dangers in society. Identity theft is a growing problem and can cause a world of troubles if not detected early and dealt with accordingly. It is has been estimated that over 500,000 people each year are victims of identity theft and that billions of dollars are lost each year by the financial institutions alone. These numbers are real and everyone is susceptible to this threat if they are not careful with their data and personal information.

Hard Drive Recycling

Following our technological boom of the 1990’s, millions of computers have become obsolete. These “outdated” computers are now becoming an ever growing problem - a huge and growing amount of electronic garbage. Approximately 315 million computers will be disposed of this year by computer users around the world. According to a National Safety Council study, in 1999 only about 11% of desktop PC’s were recycled or refurbished. Those numbers translated today equate to almost 280 million computers thrown into our land fills or disposed of improperly. The EPA has warned that computer electronics pose serious issues regarding proper disposal and potential environmental consequences.

Recycling computers/hard drives will provide many benefits to society as a whole. By donating these useful machines to the individuals who need it most, such as to our public schools, churches and other organizations will dramatically help our environment. Many organizations today are in dire need of computers for both our children and employees. Extra computers may help the underprivileged in training for newer more abundant technological jobs in today’s society. Often donations such as these will and can be recognized as tax deductions within your own state

What should I do with my data and hard drive?

To keep you and your data secure, it is recommended that all hard drives be professionally erased. IntelliRecovery, Inc can permanently delete any and all data stored within hard drives. Whether you are a company who must erase an employee’s computer, have an abundant amount of secure personal information within your hard drive and intend to upgrade, or would just like to throw out the old and obtain a new computer, IntelliRecovery can help you safely do so.

It's a Win/Win situation! Get rid of your unwanted equipment responsibly as well as protect yourself from disseminating any personal information. The internet world has brought a new horizon of opportunity. It has also brought with it a new responsibility we all have towards our environment and our safety.

To ask more about this service, please feel free to contact an IntelliRecovery representative. 1.888.995.DATA(3282) or

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