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Data Recovery Today
Learn about today’s hard drive technology and where it stands today in the data recovery industry. Is data within today’s hard drives truly as safe as we think it is? Are back-up recovery methods such as Raid arrays, tape backups, hard drive backups and other common recovery backup procedures really as full proof as our administrators say it is? Learn about all the ways your information may be susceptible to data loss and why you should always have a recovery/disaster plan ready and waiting…

Virus Recovery
Learn about today’s deadly viruses that are attacking both corporate and home users. Learn about what you should do to protect yourselves from data loss and recovery. Viruses today attack users at a rate like never before. Protect yourself and your business from information loss.

Data Degauss
Learn about hard drive recycling and degaussing and how it could mean your safety as well as the safety of our environment. Identity theft has become rampant in our information age and everyone must be made aware of these dangers. However, it is unfortunate that most are truly unaware of the possible negative outcomes from simply discarding an old hard disk drive. Personal information, corporate documents, financial records can all remain stored within computers even after an owner has thrown it away. Learn more about proper hard drive degaussing procedures and protect yourself from these dangers.

Desktop Data Recovery
Learn about our desktop data recovery procedures and how IntelliRecovery can help you recover your lost data. IntelliRecovery utilizes extensive recovery facilities including a Class 100 Clean Room laboratory, the latest technology and tools to recover all data recovery disasters be it logical software corruption to severe hard drive mechanical failures.

Laptop Data Recovery
Learn about our laptop data recovery procedures and what you should do to recover from your mobile hard disk drive. Hard Disk portability and mobility has become an integral part of our business lives. This mobility and added convenience however does not come without its dangers. Laptop hard disk drives are susceptible to a number of added dangers such as external environmental elements, shock/trauma caused by dropping/bumping a laptop, spilled liquids, and more. Be aware of these dangers to protect yourself from laptop hard drive data loss

Removable Media Recovery
Learn more about our Removable Media Recovery process for all removable media such as compact flash media cards, zip disks, floppy disks, Sony Memory sticks and more. These popular storage devices have all brought with it a new convenience to our everyday lives, capable of transporting invaluable information such as irreplaceable baby photos, reports, Powerpoint presentations, College term papers and more all fitting within our very own shirt pockets. Learn more about these dangers to keep your information safe from data loss and data recovery.

Raid Recovery
Learn about our Raid Recovery Process and how we can get your company back from any data recovery disaster. IntelliRecovery’s facilities and engineers are fully skilled and prepared to recover from all Raid/Array issues be it logical software corruption issues to severe multiple hard drive mechanical failures.

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